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About Rahbin

Rahbin Sanat Nasir company, aiming at the promotion of the safety level of transportation industry with the use of smart systems, has begun its activities in the field of design and implementation of advanced driver assistance systems. Rahbin has placed it's design and implementation standards So high to compete with car producers such as Volvo and the results confirm this. Designing with minimum cost, maximum efficiency and highest matching with customer needs is our agenda. Currently, the company has developed forward collision warning, lane departure warning, and traffic sign recognition, driver assistance systems. The mentioned systems are developed with the highest accuracy and at minimum cost.


How it works?

Rahbin includes a software/hardware package that imbeds technologies such as artificial intelligence, image processing and machine learning to construct powerful driver assistance systems. Currently this product involves: forward collision warning, lane departure warning and traffic sing recognition systems. Its notable that this product utilizes a single camera sensor to establish all of the mentioned systems and as a result this systems is far cheaper from the similar products in the market. To develop the mentioned systems a number of advanced methodologies have been established; all by the company experts.

Forward collision warning(FCW)

statistics suggest that collision with the forward automobile or obstacles has the maximum share of driving accidents. Among the factors that cause these accidents, the human mistakes stand above all...

Lane departure warning(LDW)

statistics suggest that about almost 25 percent of car accidents are due to lane departure and lane exit. Vehicle departure includes lane departure and lane exit. The first one happens in inner city roads...

Traffic sign recognition(TSR)

traffic signs are installed to inform drivers about the road situations and driving conditions needed. Attending to the traffic signs is a key factor to assure safe driving...



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