Advanced driver assistance systems for safe driving

Driving accidents are a leading cause of death and financial losses according to WHO, and unfortunately, despite the appearance of new technologies in the field of automotive safety, statistics don’t show a decrease in the range of accidents in the recent years.
As a result, driving safety remains as the main concern in the land transportation and ground traffic and Many academic, research and industrial centers are trying to solve the different problems in the form of different active and passive automotive safety systems.
Dr. Mehrdad Hossseini, the former researcher at Volvo’s advanced driver assistance systems lab and co-founder of i-drive (advanced driving assistance systems), mentions that the smart driving assistance systems could play a significant role in the reduction of road accidents and extent of the losses they cause. Advanced driver assistance systems or smart driver assistance systems known as ADAS/ SDAS are a set of systems in the active automotive safety field.
ADAS use advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, signal processing methods like image processing and machine learning techniques.
In i-drive, we have targeted the main causes of car accidents. These items are forward collision, lane departure, and driver’s inattention to traffic signs. I-drive uses a single camera and delivers the related systems: forward collision warning, lane departure warning, and traffic sign recognition systems. These systems are developed with the highest accuracy and the minimum cost.

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